Thursday, 16 May 2013

Update on Mary: Hawaiian Style

Mom and Dad took a much deserved trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary (which isn't until June 10, but this was when the timing worked out). Here are the two love birds in paradise:

Mom returns to the chemo grind this week, so please pray that her body would continue to tolerate the drugs. The transition back to chemo has been tolerable.

Next Tuesday Mom goes in for a PET scan. She is not looking forward to it because it will be tracking the spread of her cancer in greater detail than the last CT did, which means it will potentially uncover more. Please pray that it doesn't, and that Mom would have peace as she waits for this test and for the results. Please pray for the rest of us as well, but especially my Dad.

Thank you all for your continued prayers! We appreciate you sticking with us (especially since I have been so sporadic with my posting lately). We are so grateful to have you walk alongside us.

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