Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Target Gangnam Style

We went back to Target. That was my mistake. I never learn.

This time we really had to go because Tommy needed new shoes, and I don't meant wanted new shoes, I mean his toes were actually poking out through the tip of his shoes, and it's cold outside. The bigger mistake I made was deciding to try on jeans. I also needed new jeans, because after you have a baby sometimes your clothes don't fit right anymore even if you lose all your excess "baby weight" thanks to a nasty bout of food poisoning. And so, we have a new Target dressing room story:

As soon as we entered the dressing room, Tommy ran up to the mirror, shouted "Oppan Gangnam Style!" and began doing a little Gangnam gallup, while continuing the song.

This is what the woman in the dressing room next to us heard:

"Oppan Gangnam style! Heeeey Sexy Lady...Mom! Look! You got new underwear! Wow! Look at them!"

I was mortified. And yes, I heard laughing.

In related news, thanks to "NASA Johnson Style" we have convinced him the lyrics are "Hey Science Lady" instead. So much better.

And now, here are some pics of Tommy playing Bananagrams with Jeff.


Karen said...

Amy, I love your target stories!

Tom said...

enjoyed the youtube :NASA Johnson Style