Thursday, 24 January 2013

Update on Mary: Smiles

Today my mom's oncologist wore a big smile as he delivered his news: her tumor shrunk again! Although it is still a very large tumor, it is smaller than it was before.

We are so thankful for this wonderful news. Praise God for giving my mom more time! Since the chemo continues to work, my mom does not need to make any changes to her regime. Considering her condition her quality of life is very high right now, so adding extra chemicals and more side effects doesn't make much sense. She will see her other oncologist next week for a second opinion, but is confident that he will also advise her to stay the course.

We are so thrilled with this news. She has responded remarkably well to this current chemotherapy, and we are so excited that it continues to be effective.
Please continue to pray! We are so grateful for your prayers as they carry us through this fight.

Specifically, please pray that mom's chemo continues to be effective in fighting her cancer. It will cease to work at some point, but let's pray that that day is a long way off.

Also, my mom's blood counts have been lower. Please pray that her body would be able to function well and to recover from the effects of her chemotherapy.

Thank you again for your prayers, and for celebrating this great victory with us!

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Jess said...

I am so glad to hear this! My grandma was just diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer and will be undergoing chemo and radiation herself. Funny how reading your mom's journey has unknowingly gotten me ready to know somewhat to expect for my grandma months ahead of us finding the news out. Funny how God works. Very happy for your additional time with your mom.