Saturday, 1 December 2012

Early Morning Football

Inspired by last night's game, this morning Tommy got up, ate breakfast, and suited up for the football game he intended to play with Nic on our bed ("I need my helmet so we can play football on your bed!"). While this idea was nixed, we did allow them to play on the floor. When we explained that playing on the bed might be dangerous, he responded, "but we're wearing helmets!"

Tommy thought up this outfit all by himself: I'm rather proud of the shoulder pads in particular. When Nic saw Tommy's get-up, he wanted to join in on the fun.

Tommy announced, "I'm Jetski and Nic can be Johnathan Franklin." (For those of you who don't bleed Bruin blue, Jetski is Johnathan Franklin is The Mayor). So we suggested he choose another play for Nic, so Nic got to be one of the other favorites, Brett Hundley. He even knows their numbers from watching games this season - 23 and 17. He noted last night that it is nice that they have chocolate skin and curly hair just like he does.

My little boys are football fans. Just about every fourth word out of Nic's mouth is "football." They've enjoyed that the last few Bruin games were televised nationally so we actually got to watch some of the game together (the games have been on too late for them to stay up for the whole thing). Tommy likes to watch the players and ask questions about them, work on figuring out their numbers, and try to decipher exactly what is going on in the game. Nic enjoys the band. He stands closer to the TV so he can hear even the faintest melody, and claps along to his two favorite songs, Sons of Westwood and the Mighty Bruins.

Jeff has never really been interested in football, but since the kids love it so much he is learning the rules and following along with the games. This is the sign of a great dad, in my opinion - being willing to take up his kids' interests even when they aren't his. Given Jeff's excellent memory, he will probably know more about football than I do very very soon. It is funny to watch football with an adult who isn't familiar with the game, because all of the stuff you take for granted when you grow up watching football - like the inane babble of certain commentators - seems odd when you aren't used to it.

Some pictures of the boys, all suited up and ready to play:

Kenny enjoyed watching from a safe distance.


Gretchen said...

Oh those pictures are priceless! The stances, the expressions! Oi Vey! =)

Great Aunt Gretchen said...

Their faces & positions look a lot like many players I've seen. SO cute! Kenny is really growing-such a doll. :0

Tom said...

The boys look great and very enjoyable post. They will be able to see one more game on either Dec 28 or Dec 29.