Monday, 5 July 2010

'Birthday" Recap

Tommy and I spent the morning at the Arboretum. He had a blast, but got a bit cranky at the end and had to leave because he threw his water bottle at me. The nice thing about having a pass is being able to walk away without feeling guilty about wasted money.

The bad mood extended past naptime, so we laid low for the afternoon, then walked down to meet Daddy. This is double the fun because Daddy gets dropped off by a train station so we get to go meet him and watch trains. Tommy had a meltdown when he saw Jeff because he couldn't reach him fast enough- despite Jeff running when he realized tears were coming.

On to dinner. We had two trained themed options: one has terrible, inedible food, and the other has decent food, but awful gluten-free options, so neither were particularly appealing. We decided entirely against option number one, and after wavering, I decided to call option number two, the All Aboard Diner. I was hoping they had perhaps expanded their gf kids options, which are: naked nuggets. Naked nuggets are chicken nuggets without the breading. They sell them at Costco, and they aren't bad. Tommy has sampled them before, and will eat them. But Tommy is not a chicken lover. Tommy is a hamburger lover. And the hamburgers at the restaurant are made with gluten for some unapparent reason. Jeff and I are not going to go out and eat hamburgers in front of Tommy- this is too cruel of a thing to do to a child with food issues. So, I call, and ask what their gluten free options are for kids. The response: "Naked nuggets, oh wait, well, we don't have any right now. I guess we could make a chicken breast." As much as Tommy adores the trains at All Aboard, I decided that taking him was seeming like less and less of a good idea. Instead, we went to Chipotle, courtesy of our library reading program. Between the two of us Tommy and I had earned enough free taco coupons for a family date night. Thanks to the coupons we got out the door for $3.50. That was sweet.

When we finished eating we gave Tommy a little "birthday present:" a few books and a car. After he unwrapped it the lady sitting next to us came over and shared that she was an adoptive mother and talked with us about what a blessing adoption had been in her life. That was really neat.

We finished the evening with root beer floats at our apartment. Tommy has this tiny tiny cup that probably holds an 1/8 cup of liquid. He got that and about an 1/8tsp of ice cream, and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. The nice thing about him being so young and having experienced so little in the way of sugar is that we can keep it to a minimum with absolutely no fussing on his part.

Here are some pics from dinner. Unfortunately the camera died and we did not have extra batteries, so they are rather limited:

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