Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Good news: Tommy both made it down the aisle AND sat quietly through my sister's entire wedding ceremony!

I am so relieved.

Originally I had high hopes for Tommy completing his ring-bearer duties without a hitch. Then, he started to get closer to two, and, well, act a little more "two." He has developed decided opinions on most subjects, and uses the word "no" with great frequency. Did I mention he runs?

Friday at the rehearsal my worst fears were confirmed. We lined Tommy up with Jeremy's nephew (Jeremy= groom) a very well-behaved six year old and instructed them to hold hands and walk slowly. They proceeded down the aisle, making it about five or six steps before Tommy's face lit up with a huge grin. He realized he was walking down a slight incline. He loves inclines. He began yelling "ahhhhhhh" and took off at top speed, making it maybe five more steps before faceplanting. He found the entire episode thrilling.

We got the two boys together again and had them make another attempt. Repeat above story, only slightly further down the aisle.

That's when I really got nervous.

I never expected that Tommy would do particularly well, after all, kids are wildly unpredictable when pinned into a tux and faced with a crowd of staring adults. However, I had hoped that he would not cause a scene. Or, at least, that his scene would be brief and then Jeff could quietly pull him out the side exit. Faceplanting never crossed my mind.

However, with a little more practice both Friday and Saturday and many many reminders to hold hands and walk slowly, I am happy to report that Tommy made it down the aisle without yelling, running, or falling. In fact, he did quite a good job. He looked a bit nervous when he saw the crowd, but he walked slowly and carefully and held hands the entire way. When he reached the end of the aisle he experienced a bit of confusion- he wanted to follow the other little boy to the groom's side, but, sensing this, my mom started softly calling his name. So, he stood in the middle for a second, then looked up and waved at everyone before going over to Jeff and my mom. He said "Poppa" (grandpa) at one point, but was otherwise very quiet. Amazing.

Apparently, he put on a show after the ceremony, insisting on stopping to pick up the heart confetti from the aisle while my mom and dad were attempting to get him to the back of the church. I heard it was quite cute.

That's my boy.


Amy Jo said...

Nothing like a toddler in a tux! So cute!

Anonymous said...

hahaha much better than my brother and sister... although i wouldn't have changed a thing!

Heather said...

He did great!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for these little anecdotes about Tommy. It is such a blessing to hear how God has blessed you. That sounds like a 2 year old alright. Blessings, Rachel

Nicole said...

I love it! My daughter will be a flower girl in September (she'll be 23 months old then) and I'm scared!!!