Sunday, 30 August 2009

In Case You Were Wondering

Adding another member to your family actually decreases your manpower instead of increasing it. I thought Tommy would help wrap dishes, pack boxes, and sweep up mountains of packing peanuts to help with the move. Instead he wanted to be held, play games, and identify and get into the most dangerous thing in any given room. He actually made the move harder and not easier! Can you believe it???

All that to say the move is "done" but not done. I am ashamed to say it was the most ill-conceived and poorly planned moved I have ever participated in. The crazy part is, 48 hours ago Jeff and I thought we had it all under control. We were sure we were on schedule. But sometime yesterday afternoon it hit me that we had way more left to do than we thought. Then at around eleven PM I realized I was not going to get any sleep. At three AM I decided I was going to sleep, because I was falling asleep sitting up while packing. I made Jeff do the same.

This morning we called in reinforcements, which helped, but did not get things under control. Suffice to say, by the time our help arrived we were only partially prepared, and man, it is hard to move when you are only semi-ready and you have a toddler.

God has given us some very patient friends. Hopefully they are still our friends after today.

The move is not entirely complete. Some of the furniture that we have been trying to give away is still here, as well as everything we needed to survive tonight/tomorrow, our clothes for the next few weeks, Tommy's "Life-box," our boxes for Leah, and the china that I never had a chance to properly pack. The apartment is still filthy (side note: we have been asked again if we will leaving early so the repairs can be done. Our answer was a resounding and entirely truthful: NO- unless they want to do all the cleaning).

I am both emotionally and physically exhausted. We have lived in this apartment our entire married life, so this was really our first home together. That is hard to leave. But we have suffered so much here. We lost Jeff's Dad, and then Leah. It feels appropriate to find a new home for our family- one separated from those events. I know the pain isn't over, but I'm ready for it to be bordered by new walls.


Katie said...

I'm so glad you got the bulk of the packing over with, and that you have such good friends!

mary said...

We are continuing to pray. I am so grateful that God has provided such a great group of friends for you. It is at these times when we need them the most.

Angie said...

If you need help cleaning - I used to be a house cleaner and would be happy to help!

Emily said...

Beast you should have had me and Amanda help with the packing! Thanks for letting us stay. Love you!